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Director's Message


It is my pleasure to welcome you to PolyU SPEED. When you join us, you・ll be joining over 5,000 like-minded others who are pursuing continuing and professional studies in PolyU SPEED.

This ever-expanding student population goes along with an ever-expanding range of study choices. This year, there are about 20 award-bearing programmes to choose from, accredited either directly by PolyU or by our partnering universities in the UK.

Among our PolyU-SPEED award top-up degree programmes, BA in Marketing and Public Relations continues to be the only programme in Hong Kong in which you can combine these two important fields. Our BA Scheme in Business, BA in Travel Industry Management, BA in Applied and Media Arts as well as BA in Housing Management have built solid and deserved reputations over the years, and we are now building similar strong reputations for other programmes in Hospitality Management, Professional Communication,  Psychological Studies, and Public Administration. We are planning to upgrade these programmes to Honours degree level gradually; and to roll out our first Honours top-up degree programme in the area of retail and service management in the near future.

If you・re considering Accountancy, Law or Management for your further studies, PolyU SPEED offers undergraduate and preparatory programmes in these crucial and thriving fields through well- established collaborations with respected British universities. Instead of you going to the UK, we bring quality UK education to you right here in Hong Kong.

PolyU SPEED takes quality very seriously. We adopt rigorous measures to ensure that our programmes and our teaching staff offer all students a practical, high-value education. PolyU SPEED・s full-time faculty, 50 percent of whom are PhD holders, come not only from Hong Kong, but also from the Chinese mainland, Malaysia, South Korea, Taiwan, and Thailand, enabling you to  benefit from a wealth of  international expertise.

Our ultimate aim at PolyU SPEED is that you will be ready to start your career on day one with the skills and knowledge that Hong Kong employers are looking for. This means going beyond the classroom to whole-person development: while you・re studying, you can also attend leadership training camps, field trips, professional seminars, and other workshops in job-hunting skills. We offer opportunities to study abroad on the International Summer School Programme, or gain valuable work experience in the Chinese mainland on our China Internship Programme.

I・m confident that you will enjoy a fruitful and rewarding learning experience at PolyU SPEED, and I wish you all the best in your studies.

Jack M.K. Lo, PhD


School of Professional Education and Executive Development

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

January 2012

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